Popcorn Coordinators

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From: Mr. Arbaugh

We are in need of popcorn coordinators for our fall fundraising program.  It would require attending a kickoff event, ordering popcorn for the show and sells/door to door sales, coordinating a Troop kickoff with order forms, and setting up show and sells, etc.  It is easier if we have two coordinators to split the work.  If we can’t get coordinators we won’t be able to hold the fundraising program that allows 30% of the sales to go to the Scout Accounts of the Scouts that sale popcorn.  This program is a great way for your Scout to fund their own account to attend campouts, etc.

Please email Mr. Arbaugh at jerry.arbaugh@pfgc.com to volunteer.  Below is an outline of dates for the program:

August 1st                 Wednesday     Popcorn Orientation #1 (only attend one)
August 14th               Tuesday          Popcorn Orientation #2 (only attend one)
August 27th               Monday          Deadline for Units to place
September 7 & 8        Fri/Sat            Popcorn Distribution at District Sites