14’er Trip / Mt. Sherman

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High Adventure opportunity!
We will be climbing Mt Sherman as our 2018 14er Trip.  Mt Sherman (14, 036ft) is one of the easier mountains and is often a persons first 14er.  The trip is scheduled for August 10th through the 12th.  Mt Sherman is the location of an the old Sherman silver mine that operated between 1968 and 1982.  The ruins of the mine still exist and are very cool to see.
This is a High Adventure activity and climbing mountains comes with inherent risks.  Scouts will need to be in good shape.  Safety is paramount and communication is key.  We will have radios on every adult and a trail-head boss checking people on and off the mountain.  We need a couple adults to be part of the climb and an adult to be the trail-head boss.  All interested parties please let me know.  Also need a volunteer to be the SPLC on this trip.


Permission slips must be turned in by Monday night, July 30th.  July 30th meeting we will plan menus and have a demonstration of what needs to be in your day-pack for climbing.  A climbing gear list will be provided to the climbers at that time.
For questions, please contact Mr Johnson:  cdjohnson@live.com


Who is ready for Adventure!!

Mr Johnson

14’er Permission Slip