Camp Rank Advancement

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Attention Scouters young and old!

Throughout April 13-15, our troop will be providing one of the greatest opportunities for new scouts to earn the rank of Tenderfoot!

Throughout this camp out we will incorporate almost every requirement for the rank in a fun and interactive way.

All new scouts that attend are highly highly recommended to bring their parents along so that we can get the lay of the land and all get to know each other!

We also need a few older scouts to assist with teaching the requirements.

All are welcome! I hope to see you there and assist you all on your scouting journey.

If there are any questions or comments, please contact me at, or call or text me at 720-320-7198
Ezekiel Kuntz, SPL in charge

Depart: April 13th at 3:30pm from Genesis

Return: April 15th, 2018 1:30pm to Genesis
Fees: $32 per scout, $24 for adults

Covers: All food, lodging and activity fees for the weekend.

(Activity fees for Scout and Adult will be deducted from Scout’s Account – be sure there are sufficient funds in account)

Scout Master in Charge

Todd Williams