2018 Timberline District Klondike    

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2018 Timberline District Klondike- Updated

Event report by Mr Martin

Here’s a recap of our Klondike Derby 2018, Camp Tahosa, Ward, CO.

From our scouts’ perspective the trip was a great adventure and wonderful experience with a little disappointment in having to cut the trip a bit short.  They all worked together so nicely, earning them the 3rd place award in the Klondike scouting competition!

About 20 patrols finishing the event even though a lot more were signed up to start and with others bailing out along the trail due to severely deteriorating weather conditions.  We battled the most intense winter conditions I’ve seen in a very long time (and I’ve endured a lot as a modern day mountain man).  From my SMIC perspective it was also a huge success; everyone stayed safe, healthy, warm and had a great time!  OMG, thank you for watching over us!  From our gear’s perspective, it took a couple of hits (more on that later).

From the weather’s perspective,

I think Mother Nature had a lot of fun throwing her toughest winter weather at us with over 60 MPH winds (windchill -26 F.), total whiteout ground blizzards and 4″ of fresh snow on top of the 12″ already on the ground.  In all, official “Polar Bear Patch” conditions! 

Our scouts gallantly forged through it all, breaking trail most of the way, pulling their sled through snowdrifts, in places waist deep.  They also performed miraculously at every scouting skills test.  They even popped corn on a fire they built using flint & steel!  Although we only had 5 of our scouts participate, most of them under the age of 14, they out scored many patrols that were much larger and older.

Awesome job – I’m so proud of them all!  FYI, they named themselves the Burrrr Patrol.

Unfortunately the weather did hamper the event’s success with half of the Klondike stations’ personnel MIA, the Curling Team canceled, demo equipment never showed up and the Search & Rescue Team was called out on an emergency evacuation of a lost skier in the backcountry.  Thankfully their Wilderness MD / Alpine Rescue member did stay and gave a great hypothermia talk.  He also brought his rescue dog for show & tell although it never made it out of the car – who’s the smart one here?

We had to leave early Saturday evening after the Sled Race and Awards Ceremony due to the lack of a troop warming shelter or ability to keep our kitchen area secure.  The wind took its toll on our canopy’s sidewalls, shredding stitching, zippers and strapping.  I’ll have to look it over in a calm, warm setting to see if it’s repairable.  The troop tents survived quite nicely mainly due to how well they were pitched.  None of them displayed any distress or sign of them wanted to join the wind’s galavanting escapade, whipping everything in its path through the forest.  With that level of wind we weren’t able to keep our kitchen intact or keep the heaters and stoves lit hence we abandoned that idea and headed for Plan B; the HQ’s shelter.  Unfortunately the Council’s triple-wide Big White shelter (the only warming hut still standing) was also in dire straits as the wind tore through it elevating it like a kid’s kite.  Even after being strapped down to trucks, trailers and 50 lb buckets of concrete, it was all hands on deck to keep the shelter from sailing off into the sunset…  We also heard trees snapping in the distance and saw several freshly uprooted pine trees scattered around camp; in all NOT a safe place to be camping.  I talked all this through with Garrett (our SPL) and jointly decided to pack it up early for safety’s sake.  I think only one troop opted to stick it out Saturday night. 

We got packed up and left about 5:15 PM Saturday and all met in Boulder for pizza, lick our wounds and celebrate our huge wins!

My many thanks go to Mike W. & Mike B. for their assistance, joining me in making this a great trip and for keeping everyone safe and warm.  I also want to thank Mary W. and Allison M. for their perseverance in maintaining and literally holding down their stations at the Broomstick Hockey and Curling Contest events through the worst of the storm!

I’ll talk with you later about my harrowing experience driving up Boulder Canyon in the peak of the snowstorm pulling our troop trailer with my Honda…  Never again!  Although I checked with the National Weather Bureau before heading out on Friday when only flurries and breezy winds were forecasted; as most of us Coloradans know all too well, weather in the mountains changes in a heartbeat and to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Regardless of all these woes,

we had a wonderful time and I want to thank you all in supporting me in taking our scouts on this year’s Klondike Derby and in helping build life-long memories for our scouts and each of us leaders that helped make it all possible!  Lots more stories to tell and pictures to show as testimony to this great adventure, can’t wait to share them with you.

At Your Utmost in Scouting Service,

Jeff Martin, Troop 640 ASM

Klondike 2018 SMIC



We invite you to take part in the 2018 Timberline District Klondike to be held February 23- 25, 2018 with Troop 640. The Klondike will take place at Camp Tahosa in the lower meadow with events throughout the camp. The theme for this year’s Klondike is “Tahosa’s 80th Year of Winter Games”. Scouts will participate in a series of fun events to test their survival skills and display their patrol spirit.

On Saturday, patrols will be provided GPS coordinates to travel the Klondike Trail and encounter interesting and fun events requiring Scout skills, creativity and Scouts working together as a patrol. Units registering online before February 1, 2018 will be able to select their campsite. Winter camping is one of the most daring of the outdoor adventures. The 2018 Klondike will provide opportunities for Scouts to test their preparation skills and build confidence in their ability to set the groundwork for successful camping in cold weather.

When Feb 23rd assemble at Genesis at 3:30, depart at 4:00pm SHARP

Cost $40 estimated per attendee, includes lodging and activity fees for the weekend.

Sign me up, I am ready to go!

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