Eagle Project – Geoffrey Farmar

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Eagle Project – Geoffrey Farmar

Hi Troop 640! My Eagle Project will be taking place on Saturday, August 12 at St. Frances Cabrini Parish. Volunteers will be expected to arrive at 8:30 am and the project will end around 3:30 pm. We will be fixing up a dodgeball court at the church that the youth group uses for their bi-annual dodgeball tournaments. A lot of the wood trim on the court has become rotten, and the design of the walls has become a major attraction to yellow jackets. We will be removing the rotten boards, modifying the design so it no longer attracts yellow jackets, and re-painting the walls of the court.

The yellow jackets are a major problem at the site. We are spraying for the yellow jackets the night before, however if you have a known allergy to yellow jackets I would encourage you to think twice about attending, as the risk of getting stung will still be high. If you do decide on attending, be sure to bring any medications for your allergy, especially your EpiPen. We do have safety procedures to prevent stings and medical procedures for the event of a sting, so I do still encourage anyone who does not know if they are allergic to attend.

There are two permission forms needed for the project, one for the church along with the troop’s, which are attached below. Adults will fill out the “Adult Permission Form”, while scouts will fill out the “Minor Permission Form” for the Church. The address of the church and the supplies needed are outlined on the troop permission form. The project will take place on the east side of the church parking lot, behind the bushes. I hope to see a lot of your there! Please RSVP to spotfarmar@gmail.com if you are coming, and please let me know what time you think you will be at the project. If you have any questions or concerns you can send an email to the same address, or call me at 303-524-4630. Food will be provided. Thanks!

 Troop Permission Slip

 Church Permission Slip – Minor

 Church Permission Slip – Adult