Troop 640 2017 Cyber Chip

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Cyber Chip – Action Needed
640 Parents,
As you might know – Boy Scouts of America now requires all scouts to achieve and maintain (yearly) a Cyber Chip. This is similar to the Totin’ Chip and Firem’n Chit.
Not only is this certification required to begin with and yearly, it also a new requirement, now, for the Scout and Star ranks.

Sarah Farmar and I are going to go through the Cyber Chip training and certification at the Troop mtg. on 5/22. I realize that some scouts have perhaps already gone through some of this in the past, but we are going to require ALL scouts to do this again as a good baseline since requirements have been changing, and because we are transitioning to Scoutbook.

Please work with your scouts as follows :
At home before 5/22:
Write a personalized contract with your parents:
Fill out the Cyber Chip Workbook and bring it with you on 5/22:
Watch videos shown on for the appropriate grade (6-8 or 9-12) and record in above workbook:
At the church on 5/22:
Collect & record personalized parental contracts
We will watch videos as needed
We will do some fun EDGE-related training of scouts to scouts
Discussion of material contained in scout workbooks
We will read, commit to and sign the internet safety pledge on Cyber Chip green cards and then pass them out to each scout.
For more information – see: and

Please let Sarah Farmar or myself know if questions!

Doug Finnefrock, Sarah Farmar

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