Cycling Merit Badge and Ride

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Cycling Merit Badge and Ride

Cycling Merit Badge! Everyone is welcome to attend!

Those of you who went to Moab got a good start on the cycling merit badge. Let’s keep the momentum rolling!

At 10:00am this Saturday, May 20th, we are meeting at the Hildebrand Ranch Park Trailhead, located at 9880 West Deer Creek Canyon Road. The park is just west of the Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield, which is West of Chatfield Reservoir. This is an easy 5-mile loop with gentle slopes that is suitable for riders of all abilities. More details can be found here:

In the next few days the weather is turning ugly with rain and snow.  We are hoping the trail will dry out by Saturday morning. If the trail is too muddy, we will do a road ride into Chatfield State Park where there are some lightly traveled roads with nice wide shoulders and paved bike paths.
Keep an eye on the weather and dress appropriately. At this time, the weather people are predicting sunny and cool with temperatures in the upper 40’s at 10:00AM.

Bring a functioning bicycle, helmet, sun-glasses and a water bottle. We should be done before Noon. This merit badge fulfills one of the Eagle Scout requirements. Send me an email to if you think you will be joining us for some fun on two wheels.

Don’t forget to request your “blue card” if you want to work on completing this merit badge.
Thank you,
Sean Flanagan

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