Big Kahunas Parent Orientation

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Thank you for attending the Big Kahuna – New Parent Orientation
From: Mr. Osolinski

I have already had several parents sign up, Thank You! – there are still positions open!

Please give back to Troop 640 and show your Scout how to “Pay it Forward”
Membership Coordinator  – Help the troop stay in contact with Cub Scout Packs

Fundraising Coordinators – Help the troop organize the Popcorn & Wreath fundraiser

Community Service Coordinators – Help organize events to support our community

Medical Form Coordinator  – Help Ms Costner keep the Medical forms current

MB Counselors – Help Scouts grow by earning Merit Badges – a few examples.

-Rife Shooting
-Citizenship in the Community
-Citizenship in the Nation
-Citizenship in the World
-First Aide

Please contact Mike Osolinski to let him know where you can help 303-717-3525

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