2017 Camping Season Med Forms

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If you haven’t updated your med form (Part A & B) in the last twelve months your forms are out of date.  You might not be able to participate in our upcoming campouts!!  We’d rather see you at as many campouts as possible this spring, summer, and fall  —- and we have a great line up with Mission Wolf, shooting sports, etc.

For weekend campouts we need to maintain a copy of Part A and B of the med form, which parents can complete.  Summer camps required Part C, which a physician will complete.  As an FYI, most summer camps now require the fillable form to be completed (see attached) and Troop 640 strongly recommends the use of the fillable form also.

All med forms are good for a year, but we have many Scouts and adults with expired forms.  Please review your forms and if they are out of date, please complete a new form by the end of March.  If you didn’t keep a copy of form (strongly recommend you do), you can err on the side of caution and simply complete a new one now.

Please turn in new med forms to an ASM, Committee Chair, or our Med Form Coordinator (Amanda Costner) at any upcoming Troop meeting.  If you would like to email the form to Amanda her email address is amandacostner@aol.com.